Director | Don McCallister
Music Director | Kim Lewis 
Choreographer | Susan Fahey

Disney's Frozen JR

Cast List 


There was a record breaking turnout-with 93 people auditioning. This is absolutely amazing and we are truly grateful for the enthusiasm and the desire to be a part of Carnation City Players and this production of FROZEN JR. Because of backstage and dressing area space, the number of cast members has to remain at approximately 50. That has made casting very difficult, since we want you all to be a part of the show. But that is not possible. Some very hard decisions have been made, and although every effort has been made in the past to allow siblings to be in the show together, this year that just wasn’t always possible due to the numbers. A lot of details go into casting: your audition, your conflicts, your look with other people who you may be paired with, your script reading, etc. Some of those things you can control, others (like height) are beyond your control. If you haven’t been cast in this show, please don’t let that keep you away or stop you from trying again. Thank you so much for auditioning. 


Please TEXT 330-206-2202 to accept or turn down your role. Please include your name. The first rehearsal is Monday, October 28 at 6:00PM. There will be a brief parent meeting first. Rehearsal will end at 8:00PM. 


Young Anna - Camryn Wike                  Bishop - Gavin Clay

Middle Anna - Lilyan Ronske                KristoffZach Kinser

AnnaMadison Wike                             Sven - Cole Castle 

Young Elsa - Corie Horning                   HansLogan Waite

Middle Elsa - Avery O’Byrne                  Weselton - Dakota Albertoni 

Elsa - Makenzie Walsh                            Olaf - Avery Horning            

King Agnarr - Kyle Mathes                    Oaken - Joey Thewes            

Queen IdunaSavannah Waffler        Oaken’s Wife - Kylee Puckett

Pabbie - William Lanzer

Buldar - Sophia Vigliotti


Ensemble (including townspeople, snow dancers, hidden folk, castle staff, and Oaken’s family) will be assigned parts after the first rehearsal. Everyone will be in the opening and closing numbers.  The other numbers will include smaller groups selected from the ensemble list. 



Natalie Austin, Katherine Beamer, Sylvia Beltz, Gavin Clay, Dominic Falconer, Torrie Forrest, Bella Gambone, Jacob Hamilton, Savannah Heller, Gabby Heslop, Jenna Heslop, Andrew Horning, Corie Horning, Rylee Horning, Stella Jackson, Aidan Kern, Hailey Kline, William Lanzer, Ariella Leon, Elarie Logan, Kyle Mathes, Sophia Mathie, Mason Mayes, Kya McClish, Hannah McConnell, Grace McGeehan, Jane Miller, Avery O’Byrne, Lauren Price, Kinslee Puckett,  Kylee Puckett, Alex Ritchie, Emma Ritchie, Jack Ritchie, Robby Ritchie, Elizabeth Recchiuti, Autumn Ronske,  Lilyan Ronske, Makenna Root, Lexi Sabatino,  Giabella Sampson, Joey Thewes, Melea Thompson, Delaney Vickers, Sophia Vigliotti,  Mia Vigliotti, Savannah Waffler, Eden Walker, and Camryn Wike

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