We are so excited to get started with this production. It was truly wonderful to see some of you after our 2 year intermission and equally wonderful to see so many new faces wanting to be a part of Carnation City Players youth theater. Thank you to everyone who auditioned.  We had 67 auditioners and cast as many as we possible with our limited space in the dressing rooms and backstage. If you did not get into this production, please be sure to come back next year and watch for more opportunities to get involved. Our first rehearsal will be Monday, May 9 at 6:00PM in the theater. Parents are asked to attend for the first ½ hour of the rehearsal for paperwork and announcements. Rehearsal will be over by 8:00PM. Thank you all!

Text 330.206.2202 to accept or reject your role. Text only, please. 

Cast List

Jack Kelly | Logan Waite/Robby Ritchie

Crutchie | Zach Kinser

Davey | Cole Castle

Les | Andrew Horning

Race | Lexi Sabatino

Albert | Hannah McConnell

Muriel | Rylee Horning

Nancy | Avery Horning

Specs | Jenna Heslop

Pigtails | Gabby Heslop

Hazel | Gracie McGeehan

Buttons | Stella Jackson

Tommy Boy | Ashely Graczyk

Romeo | Aidan Kern

Jo Jo | Corie Horning

Spot Conlon | Caden Nicholson


Cailyn Woolf, Gabrielle Hill, Elizabeth Barr, Gianna Philips, Madeline James, Makenna Root, Isabella Dalman, Chloe Cantwell

NEWSIES IN SELECT NUMBERS (will be given at first rehearsal-because of other parts you can’t be in every number)


Evan Dennison, Jane Miller, Lauren Price, Kylie Puckett, Caden Nicholson, Josie Root, Jermaine Lawson, Ally Ivey, Sylvia Johnson, Kenna Dunlap, Autumn Ronske, Julianne Gumm, Sophia Vigliotti


Katherine Plumber | Brenna Charlick/Alex Ritchie

Darcy | Julianne Gumm

Bunsen | Josie Root

Hannah | Jane Miller


Medda | Bella Gambone

Bowery Brigade

Ada | Ally Ivey

Ethel | Kenna Dunlap

Olive | Sylvia Johnson

Louise | Autumn Ronske

Pat | Gabrielle Hill



Joseph Pulitzer | Evan Dennison

Weisel | Kylie Puckett

Oscar Delancey | Gavin Clay

Morris Delancey | Kyle Mathes

Warden Snyder | Lauren Price


Scabs | Makenna Root, Isabella Dalman, Chloe Cantwell

Police Chief | Sophia Vigliotti

Police Officer | Lauren Price

Woman | Cassia Comfort

Bill | Jermaine Lawson

Governor Theodore Roosevelt | Jack Ritchie


WORKING CHILDREN (will be in 'Once,' 'For All' and 'Finale')

Lia Foith, Natalie Austin, Claire McAlister, Maddie Coblentz, Becky Hornyak, Annaliese Guappone, Taryn Moore, Karlaysia West Cole, Cassia Comfort, Mia Vigliotti, Makenzie Dalman